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Through our online, print and video portfolio, we have built an impressive following of active and engaged industry professionals and key decision makers, including within leading financial and big tech brands.

Our content is viewed by thousands daily, shared widely on social media, and inspires worthwhile conversations. Our clients and partners leverage that influence using a range of solutions focussed on creating the ideal platform to convey your message to your audience.

Video Services

Bespoke Video Production

We have worked with a huge variety of businesses, producing top quality videos for a variety of purposes, including announcement, advertising and promotional.

When using video as a medium for corporate communications, the trickiest element is the idea. Our video team call on their considerable expertise and experience working on behalf of some of the largest and leading financial and technology players ensuring the message and objectives are well defined and delivered.

Ask us about your vision and we’ll show you how we can deliver your message on brand and with the right tone and emphasis.

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Video Episodes

The Fintech Show is shot on location, highlighting and elevating thought leaders through Q & A, storytelling, lively debate and structured conversations. We like to invite complimentary partners where relevant to discuss the successes of working with you – their partner of choice!

Our creative team work to give clarity to your pitch, identifying the most effective angles and delivery for each message you need to drive home, while staying focussed on your goals and building a meaningful conversation around them.

Our skilled editing team ensure your message is delivered with the weight and prominence it requires and make sure the episodes format and flow make for engaging viewing. We aim to produce an entertaining documentary, spotlighting you as the  thought leader on the topic.

The most impactful segments are launched as micro-posts designed to increase engagement, posted, featured and shared at regular intervals across our social landscape.

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Virtual Arena

Adapting to the unprecedented effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, we launched the Fintech Finance Virtual Arena to allow us to continue bringing the best video content in the industry, albeit remotely.

Virtual Arena is a staged live event, streamed up to 4 times a week to our social media following and highlighted across all media channels, including boosted articles shared online across our group channels and followings, and written up into features for the most relevant magazine.

Much like our flagship Fintech Show episodes, we work closely with you to agree upon a series of targeted questions and discussion topics, enabling you to pitch your message with all the focus it demands.

To bypass the many challenges of connecting several participants live, all with varying configurations and connection speeds and capabilities, we pre-record each part of the virtual arena before editing to sprinkle all the magic of the ‘live’ event.

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Web Services

Native Advertising

We frequently publish press releases, articles, announcements and case studies and help to build real calls to action around a story.

Embedding your piece in the editorial style of our regular content helps to hold interest by increasing the original message newsworthiness, delivering a satisfying, relevant read.

We feature you prominently in the promoted sections of our home page, sidebars and footers and optionally via our email newsletters, and shared liberally across our social audiences.

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Tactical Advertising

Our Fintech and Pharmtech websites provide thousands of industry professionals and key decision makers with trusted source of daily news and interviews that are relevant to their interests.

Banner adverts can be selected for specific categories or topics, rotated within the prime visible, above the fold areas and interspersed between our topical, compelling content.

Speak to us about a position on one or more of our sites today! With limited availability for the premium positions expect to book for an advanced period.

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We publish on average 12 magazines each year and deliver them completely free, forever to our subscribers. In addition, we distribute physical copies at various events and trade shows, big and small.

We produce 3 highly targeted publications, with articles providing the insider insights into sectors of increasing importance and interest – namely, Fintech, Paytech and Insurtech. These increasingly relevant and prevalent topics within the financial and technology industries attract significant levels of interest owing to their innate disruption potential.

A digital copy is dispatched to our email subscriber list, and select posts are shared socially, vastly increasing each issues’ reach.

Talk to us about publishing your article, press release or advert. We are always happy to discuss cross-channel opportunities and combinations including online, social & event and video sponsorships, partnerships and opportunities.

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