Lauren went from writing about all things beauty, fashion and food before arriving in the world of technology (that’s a natural career progression, right?). Before that, Lauren studied photojournalism for 3 years and developed a passion for documenting London’s live music circuits. Despite having a love of museums, galleries and culture, Lauren’s guilty pleasures in … Read more

There’s only one Lewis Averillo-Singh… literally and metaphorically. Lewis’s rap career is on the back burner while he’s on the video team at Fintech Finance. It’s fair to say, with the amount of content Lewis has edited here, he probably has the knowledge to open a challenger bank. Lewis’s favourite snack is a Bombay Bad … Read more

Is a producer at Fintech Finance, Tom works with clients building relationships to create the best episodes and get potatoes on the plate. Tom works hard to expand his knowledge of the Fintech industry when attending conferences, as well as being no stranger to the social element of the job (enjoying a beer) After a … Read more

Jordan (the tattooed camera man with a top knot) heads up video production. This involves stitching a copious amount of footage together to create our finished videos. Jordan cut his teeth covering events here at Fintech Finance, and has moved on to deliver all video content, working directly with clients and Ali, whether it’s The … Read more

As an executive producer for The Fintech Show, Chloe builds relationships and knowledge of Fintechs from all over the world. Working closely with the video production team, she ensures the client message is delivered through our content clearly. Chloe embodies the international culture of Fintech Finance, clocking up plenty of miles attending conferences and visiting … Read more

Doug travels the world and shoots banks, on-camera… His passions include getting the window seat on a plane, digital crate digging and supping on a cold beverage in the Sun. Born in east London and raised in west Kent he enjoys both the city and the country. After living in France where he ran a … Read more