For this role we are looking for candidates who are hungry for knowledge and can absorb details of niche areas. 

As part of this role, initially it will involve sources press releases, under our guidance around some of these niche B2B areas (business to business) to start to understand some of the terminology/trends etc. 

We will then slowly introduce transcripts of interviews for the successful candidate to write up, again under our guidance.

Eventually the plan is for the role to expand to include but not limited to coverage of various trade events and shows, interviewing industry figures, with subsequent write up, and if all goes well, conducting video interviews and moderating panel discussions, as well as sourcing stories and scoops. 

This is a work from anywhere job. We no longer have a physical office space, but the majority of the team still reside in the West Kent area. We are always as a team on a variety of group video chats. 

In a post-Covid world we aim to make this job permanent; with options to travel.

Skills, Experience and Qualifications

The ideal candidate we are after is someone with energy and enthusiasm. For us work ethic trumps experience any day of the week. Ideal candidate is looking for a career in tech journalism, with experience in writing engaging content. By engaging content; the knack is to make a seemingly boring topic, the absolutely cutting edge; and to be able to utilize our channels, as well as building their own personal brand on social media. 

Perfect candidate will not be afraid to ask seemingly basic questions… but absorb answers and apply. 

Ability to read/write like an absolute ninja is essential, as well as having interests and passions in life. Academic qualifications are looked at but far from essential. If you have ever tried (even if failed) to start your own blog for example counts for more then a nice set of exam results

40 hours per week.

£18,000 PA Pro Rata

[email protected]

Open as part of the Kickstart Scheme